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An Evaluation of Selected Dedicated Economic Centers

Comprative Analysis in Norochcholei and Nuwara Eliya

Author : Priyadarshana, D., Jayasinghe, U.

Publisher: Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute

Place of Publish: Sri Lanka, Colombo

Year: 2016

Page Numbers: 59

Acc. No: 5003

Class No: 330 PRI- SL

Category: Books & Reports

Subjects: Economics

Type of Resource: Monograph

Languages: English

ISBN: 978-955-612-213-8

Marketing operations of vegetables play a crucial role due to season ability of produce in deciding the profit of the farmers on one hand and level of availability to the consumer on the other. If the causes and remedies are identified, such information will be useful in solving problems in the existing centers as well as in planning and operation of economic in the near future too. Thus, the purpose of this study was to assess the status of the performance and problems of present DECs and to recommend suitable measures towards improving marketing system in the country. The expectation from DEC system is to provide opportunity to farmers to obtain higher prices by providing the opportunity to sell their produce directly to the traders without the involvement of intermediaries. The study found that, both collecting centers were well located with adequate space and equipped with essential facilities.