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Human Rights and Policy Analysis

The Impact of Involuntary Resettlement on an Indonesian Village

Author : Fuys, A.

Year: 2002

Acc. No: 748-S

Category: Soft Documents

Type of Resource: Human rights, Resettlement policy, Evaluation

Languages: No

ISBN: English

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YTM is a non-governmental organization that focuses its work on land rights and environmental protection. Founded in 1992, the institute's core activities include community organizing, public policy analysis and public advocacy campaigns. After 1998, when political space in Indonesia opened up after decades of authoritarian rule, YTM initiated work in public policy analysis. Through this work, it seeks to complement its grassroots organizing and campaigning with issue-based public policy advocacy, primarily aimed at the provincial level. For my Human Rights Fellowship project, I worked in tandem with YTM's Coordinator for Policy Analysis, a young lawyer with background in environmental law and policy, to identify and assess policy options regarding a land rights dispute between rural communities and a nickel mining company. Source: Human Rights and Policy Analysis: The Impact of Involuntary Resettlement on an Indonesian Village