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Mechanization in Other Field Crop Sector

A Situational Analysis

Author : Kumara, S.K., Weerakkody, R., Epasinghe, S.

Publisher: Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute

Place of Publish: Sri Lanka, Colombo

Year: 2016

Page Numbers: 103

Acc. No: 5013

Class No: Development

Category: Books & Reports

Type of Resource: Monograph

Languages: English

ISBN: 978-955-612-209-1

This publication disseminates, the aim of the government is to achieve self-sufficiency in other field crop sector, where 42% of the annual requirement of the country is still imported. This requires increase in the supply of OFC to be achieved both in terms of production and productivity. A prerequisite to increase agricultural production and improve labor productivity is the access to equipment and machinery to carry out farm operations. The introduction of mechanization to agriculture has normally brought about increases in both labor and labor and land productivity in addition to reduction in the drudgery of farming operations. Source: Executive Summary