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Resettlement Issues of Cirata Dam Project

A Post-project Review

Author : Nakayama, M., Gunawan, B., Yoshida, T., and Asaeda, T.

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd

Year: 1999

Series: Water Resources Development, Vol. 15, No. 4, 443± 458, 1999

Acc. No: 745-S

Category: Soft Documents

Type of Resource: Water resource development, Resettlement, Secondary development, Education system

Languages: No

ISBN: English

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Forced population displacement caused by dam construction has been regarded as the most serious issue of water resources development.Nevertheless,the best practice is still not yet established. This paper aims to examine the performance of the involuntary resettlement scheme applied to the Cirata Dam project in Indonesia to obtain clues for improvement. Aquaculture development in the reservoir succeeded in creating new jobs for resettlers. Most resettlers ended up with less farmland than they had previously owing to the increase in land price. The land-for-land compensation scheme is prefe rable to cash compensation.Participation of resettlers in the planning and implementation of the resettlement scheme still had room for improvement. Some intermediate mechanism, between villagers and those implementing the resettlement scheme, should be devised.More careful and streamlined efforts should have been made as regards the secondary development of the project, so that those displaced could enjoy the bene® ts.