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Scale of Conflicts between Firms, Communities, New Social Movements

Business Intelligence Journal: Vol.2 No.1, January, 2009

Author : Vargas-Hernández, J.G. and Noruzi, M.R.

Year: 2009

Page Numbers: 27

Acc. No: 1006-S

Category: Soft Documents

Subjects: Conflict

Languages: English

Globalization and technological change is provoking a conflict of feelings within and between people. As more and more organizations extend their reach globally, and new national and multinational business emerging in new markets, organizations are faced with questions regarding the scale of conflicts, and it remains a real challenge, This paper is aimed to review the different levels of scale of conflicts between firms, communities, also we will study Global Conflict, different typology of conflicts,(between firms and state, firms and community, Inter-communities and intra-communities and Multi party conflicts), New Social Movements and the role of government.