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Spatial Concerns in Development

A Sri Lankan Perspective

Author : Gunartna, L . K.

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers and Distributors

Place of Publish: India, Delhi

Year: 2006

Page Numbers: 199

Acc. No: 5001

Class No: 338.9 GUN-SL

Category: Books & Reports

Subjects: Development

Type of Resource: Monograph

Languages: English

ISBN: 81-29-0578-6

This book is an analysis of the experiences gained by various aspects of the development efforts in the country, focuses on spatial concerns in national development. The book provides a bried sketch of the spatial context within which indigenous development efforts began in the early 20th century. It closely examines the Sri Lankan development strategy and policies implemented over a seventy-year period, beginning with the introduction of the Donoughmore Constitution in 1931. It not only traces the evolution of the city of Colombo over its five centuries of existence but also attempts to look into the city's future. The chapter dealing with the country's massive phased effort to develop the resources of the Mahaveli Ganga Basin and related region is analytic and highly informative.