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The Skills Gap in Four Industrial Sectors in Sri Lanka

Author : Chandrasiri. S, Gunathilka. R.

Publisher: International Labor Organization - country office for sri Lanka and Maldives (ILO)

Place of Publish: Sri Lanka, Colombo

Year: 2015

Page Numbers: 93

Acc. No: 5014

Class No: Statistics

Category: Books & Reports

Type of Resource: Monograph

Languages: English

ISBN: 978-92-2-129622-5

This ILO publication outlines conditions of demand and supply related to skills development in four industrial sectors that the government of Sri Lanka has focused on long term development. They are the information and communication technology industry (ICT), the tourism and hospitality industry (THI), construction and light engineering. These four sectors accounted for 9% the GDP and 10% of total employment in 2012. The IT and tourism industries are projected to earn US$ 5 billion each in 2022. These two sectors have also revealed their potential for high growth in terms of value addition and employment. The growth potential of sub-sectors belonging to these two service sectors are linked to export markets, while the growth potential of the construction and light engineering sectors are largely determined by product market conditions of the domestic market. This publication is based on already available secondary data in the form of survey data, administrative data and published reports. This also assesses the training gaps in these four sectors using standard skills assessment methodologies.