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The Sri Lanka Diaspora After the LTTE

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This report examines political dynamics within the diaspora since May 2009, as Tamils abroad adapt to the LTTE's defeat. It assesses the levels of support for continued militancy among Tamils outside Sri Lanka and whether more moderate voices have begun to speak up in the absence of LTTE coercion. It also looks at the potential for new forms of militancy within the diaspora, especially among the younger generations radicalized by the deaths of thousands of Tamil civilians in the final months of the war. While considering the views of Tamils abroad with a record of criticising the Tigers, the report focuses on the pro-Tiger elements, which constitute the vast majority of the diaspora. This report is based on extensive interviews from across the diaspora conducted in twelve countries with significant Sri Lankan Tamil communities, as well as in Sri Lanka between May 2008 and February 2010. These included meetings with a wide range of Tamils including active and retired LTTE officials, numerous Tamil organisations, academics, students, journalists, members of the business community and elected politicians. Officials from governments with significant Tamil diaspora populations, as well as officers from those countries' civilian intelligence and law enforcement agencies, were interviewed. Officials from the UN, the Sri Lankan government, and foreign militaries familiar with Sri Lanka's insurgency were also consulted. Most interviewees asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of the subject. Source: THE SRI LANKAN TAMIL DIASPORA AFTER THE LTTE