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Transition in Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services in Sri Lanka

A decade in Review (2004-2015)

Publisher: The Asia Foundation, Sri Lanka

Place of Publish: Sri Lanka, Colombo

Year: 2016

Page Numbers: 168

Acc. No: 5012

Class No: 613 TRA-SL

Category: Books & Reports

Subjects: Health

Type of Resource: Monograph

Languages: English

ISBN: 978-955-0168-16-3

The Asia Foundation's work in mental health and psychological support programming began with the non-governmental sector and currently is a collaboration between the non-governmental and state mental health and psychological supports including the ministries of Social Empowerment and Welfare, Women and Child Affairs and Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine. This publication looks at the growth and transition of the mental health and psychological support (MHPSS) sector in Sri Lanka over the period of a decade to better understand what aspects have acted as enablers and what factors have been challenges to the development and growth of the sector. The objective of the six studies in this volume was to explore key themes related to the sustainability of MHPSS services in transition during and after conflict and disaster in Sri Lanka, and to identify the main thematic concerns in published and grey literature related to sustainability and transition in MHPSS during the last ten years in Sri Lanka.