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Understanding Poverty and Development

A Rough Guide for Journalist

Author : Gunawardene, N.

Publisher: Centre for Poverty Analysis

Place of Publish: Sri Lanka, Colombo

Year: 2016

Page Numbers: 27

Acc. No: 5006

Class No: 384 CEN-SL

Category: Books & Reports

Type of Resource: Monograph

Languages: English

This manual was published by CEPA in parallel to the initiation of the media fellowship programmeto probe many facets of poverty. This program was launched in association with UNESCO. According to this manual the media understanding of poverty is very limited and most media houses allocate little or no budget for field-based and investigative journalistic assignments on poverty related topics.With the media fellowships on poverty and development, the CEPA hopes to tackle this gap. The manual also consists a series of articles on areas such as understanding poverty, negligence of poverty in media, reporting poverty, development/constructive journalism, challenges and strategies in reporting poverty etc.